Saturday, October 4, 2014

Simplicity 4954

Wow, been a while,  need to get better at posting...

Simplicity 4954,, view B,, modified...IMO, this jacket is a Chanel style,, and I want to eventually make a Chanel style jacket,,, so I started working with this pattern first... I have learned it is easier for me to adjust princess seams if they come from the shoulder instead of the armhole,,,

Fabric is linen,, unfortunately stretch linen,, I HATE stretch linen,, well for clothing is it Ok, depending on what you are using it for,, for  a jacket it  would be great to have the extra "give", but I wanted to line it,, and if you don't have lining that stretches,, that is defeating the whole purpose of the "give" of the main fabric,, so, you either have to find a lining that stretches as well, or treat the linen as a woven,, fortunately my lining had some stretch as well..

                                          I had to do I think a 3 in fba,,

 This is one of the most comfortable jackets I have made,, fully lined with voile,,  and a bagged lining,, I used to be really scared to bag a lining,, mainly because I just didn't understand the instructions,, then I found a great tutorial on,, and now I will line all my jacket...well for the most part anyway.. haha...