Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Disaster struck..

Oh Sun May 22, an F5 tornado hit the town of Joplin Mo,, pop 50,000... it cut a 3/4 mile wide, 6 mile long path,, taking out a major hospital,,, St Johns, and all the surrounding businesses, drs offices,, and other buildings that make up the St Johns area..., one of the Wal-Marts.. Joann's, Pizza Hut, CiCi's pizza,, Home Depot, 3 Schools.. including the High School... and lots more....all together 7000 building were destroyed,, 122 confirmed dead,,, and approx, 1500 missing..

This link is a good before and after post.. but it doesn't even begin to give an idea of what it is like,,,,


Monday, May 16, 2011

Catching up..

Here are pix of the jackets..

This is the one the bride wore over her dress,, it is made out of satin, it doesn't look shiny because her dress wasn't very shiny like satin, so I turned the shiny side to the inside, then i lined it with voile..

   These are all the jackets,, the white on the bottom is the miniature bride...there are 4 silver/gray,, and 3 purple...
                                                           Wedding party....

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Marathon sewing,,

Pictures, pictures, who has the pictures,, not me, not yet anyway,, I am still here, still going. Actually I am very busy making jackets for a wedding,, I have to have a total of 9 made by May 7th,,, I already have 3 done and am working on 2 more,, so I figured if I get an average of 2 done a day I will be pretty good,, you might be pulling you'r hair out thinking 6 in 3 days,, is she crazy,, well yes maybe.. The jackets are pretty basic Bolero style,, 3 pieces per jacket,, so not too much hair pulling going on here,,, not too much anyway,, will post pix later.. gotta get back to sewing........