Monday, May 31, 2010

New fabric

My recent purchase from,, I haven't gotten anything from there is so long I was having withdrawls.. lol.. problem fixed though,,

On the left, is 2 yds of olive, right is 6 yds gray, and that bundle on the bottom, 10 yds of black,, I took advantage of this sale,, a $1.99 sale on twill, light weight twill at that,, the comments said it was light enough for tops... they weren't kidding,, I am used to skirt or jacket weight, this stuff is light,, I was originally wanting to make jean type skirts out of it,, may have to rethink it now, have to look through my pattern stash to see what I come up with, shouldn't be too hard,, I have lots of gored skirt patterns I think will be great on,,,

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Latte quilt part 2

Block is finished,, basically, I just have to wash it out, iron it,, and sew on these little white flowers,,

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Latte quilt part 2

Ok this is NOT fun, not talking about doing the block in general,, but specific stitches,,,

This is the back of this block,, the problem is,, see all the thread tales,, those are theads that I have had to hand tie,,, there are 8 rows with 5 to 6 flowers on each,, so that is between 40 and,,,,, oh lets just say 40 flowers,, well each flower has 2 ties,, so thats 80 ties,, 80,,,, uuuhhhhhgggggg,,,, AND,,,, I have to do that AT LEAST  1 more time,,, cause for this quilt,, you make at least 2 of each block, one of the blocks you make 4 of,, and in the book,, that just happens to be this block,, uuuuuuhhhgggg, I think I am going to find a different block to make the 4 out of,, other wise I may not have any nerves left,, or at least any hair,,,,,

And yes I have looked and looked and looked,, did I say I looked for another stitch,,,,,,,,I have a D1 and my 1230 sewing machine,, these motifs are from my 1230, the D1 had nothing I liked,,well it did,, but the size of the flower had to be small, the flower it had that I liked, was way to big,,,, so,, I am stuck.......

But, it is looking good,, except for this one thing, so far the block has been fun...

A close-up of the stitches,,

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Something different.

I love embroidered quilts. I have several sets of designs laying in wait to be made, but ya no!!! One I have had for about 5 yrs,, there is it,,just setting in my hard drive,, waiting,,, for me to get up and get going,, well my going is finally starting to get up.. lol..

Introducing quilt #1, the Latte quilt by Kerri Hey, I absolutely love to look of this quilt,, and doing a search online last yr,, I found a class on it,, it actually started last Sept,,, yeh I know I'm a little late,, it is taught by Serena Smith,, she sends out info each month on each block,, I am actually glad I havent' started till now,, cause I like making the blocks one after another, instead of waiting each month for the next one,,,

This is what the completed quilt will look like,,

This is what I have done so far,,

This is the printed pic of the 1st block, I still have to put the umbrellas on mine,, hopefully by tomorrow I will have it finished and be ready for the next block...

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Well I wanted to post "something"!!!

No I am not dead,, I feel like it sometimes,,ha ha, the sewing bug just flew out the window.. it seems to do that a lot to me,, I almost envy these ladies that can post all the time, that have so much so say, me, I don't sew everyday, or embroidery for that matter,, shucks, if it weren't for my sewing room being part of my bedroom,, there would probably be days I didn't even come in here at all.

Tonight I am looking for a disk,, I have a set of designs from here , clasic embroidery, I have several of the purse sets, but the one I am trying to work on now is the quilted handbag 4x4, when I tried to load the designs to my D1 floppy, the software said some of the designs were currupt,, so I got the hair brained idea that maybe it could be the software is having trouble reading the designs,,so on to looking for the stuff for my Deco 600,, it has a Buzz box,  so I find the Buzz box, plug it in,, and forgot the software hasn't been installed on my laptop,, so i am in the process of trying to find the disk for that,, well back to looking,,,:-)