Friday, March 20, 2009

It's done,

When will I ever learn,, probably never,,, I finally got the tablecloth done,, plus placemats,,, well one for now,, the other has wss (water soluble stablizer) rinsing out of it,, so I can put the last 10 pieces on it,,,

This is how it looked embroidering the edging,, the hoop size is 150x240,, I think I got 5 or 6 pieces on each hooping, then moved the stabilizer and rehooped...

It was a little trial and error,, but I figured out the best way for me to sew the pieces together,,, at first,, I just left the stabilizer on the designs,, (after cutting as close to the edges as possible),, then I tried putting the pieces together,,, but as I lapped the one piece over the other,, the stabilizer got in the way, and I couldn't see where to sew them together well enough,, so, I wet just the edge of the lace,, the dense edge that curves,, well some of the pieces may have gotten a little more wet than others,, but , next pic

this is what I was intending,, you see how leaving the stabilizer on the "bottom" piece allows for more stability,,, this way, I just match up the lines, and sew,,,

I wanted to use a contrasting thread to show the exact way I stitched,,,

This is after I have sewed the edging all up,, I sewed a loose running stitch (about 4mm) in the upper edge,, I re-wet the lace down,, to make it more pliable,, and easier to gather,, if you look close, you can see the pins in the outside edge,, I simply, but carefully pulled the threads up enough to make the lace lay flat,, then gently steam pressed it, then I starched it,, and layed it on the material..

This is after the lace is sewed down,, no, it isn't quite circular,, but I was getting tired, and just wanted to get it done,, and yes,, I sewed down both outside and inside,,

You know how when after you have started a project,, and it is already taking a while,, and you realize you still have a lot left to do.. you start wondering if it is going to be worth it,, well this placemat is where I started thinking that,,,I forgot to take pix of how I embroidered it out,, but it was a lot like the edging,, any piece of wss I could find that had some room on it,, I used it,,,

In the placemat,, there are 28 pieces,, 10 half pieces,,(these are the 3 on top, and bottom, and 2 on each side) 6 circles, and 12 I guess you would call them square pieces,, although they aren't literally square,, they do have 4 corners,,, 4 of them actually make up the corners,,my biggest concern was stability,, I mean, this is not a dense set,, the digitizer made it that way,, but I was concerned about how well it would hold up,, but when I got all the pieces together,, I was really supprised, and happy,, it was holing up pretty good,, I did also starch it some,, but,, the designs are tacked together about every 1/2,, or everywhere the two piece meet closely,,,and at first,, i trimmed the threads,,(on samples that I did) but on this mat,, I left them,, I didn't want the tacks comming out,,,oh,, the color variations are because the darker places are still wet.

This pic was taken by my DH,, he has a much better camera that my simple digital,, plus he took it into Adobe,, and took out the glare,, now you can really see what it looks like,,, :) Update,, well I thought you could see a closeup,, I will try to get this figured out,, cause DH said I should be able to click on it and make it larger,, if anyone has any ideas, let me know......
The finished tablecloth,, I didn't realize until I loaded the pic, that my feet were showing,,, oops,,and yes, I am fully dressed,,although it may look like I am trying to cover something,,, lol....

This is the table setting we put together at G-Mothers house,, she really likes it,,,

Monday, March 16, 2009

Not a morning person.

Sometimes I really think I need a night job,,, I stay up late,, till about 12am, all the time,, and for work, I get up about 6:30 am,, on Sat,, I sleep as long as possible, sometimes till 9:30,, when I HAVE to get up to take DD over the Grandparents,, ( the kids have gone over there to eat breakfast since they were little), but on days when there is no School, ( I work in the HS Cafeteria,,) I may get up late,, around 9 or 10am, but I don't start coming alive until about noon,,,, unless I am feeling really motivated,, I just don't get much done in the morning,,

Sunday, March 15, 2009

I want, I want, I want

I want----- my embroidery machine back,, it has been over a month since I have been able to really use it,, I guess metal on plastic doesn't go to well,, the hoop holder,,( the part the hoop slides into to embroidery) started getting loose, and it started getting really noticable on my 240x150 hoop,, even on the smaller one, it wasn't much better,, so the dealer had to order another one,, well come to find out,, I guess Viking,, or part of it anyway is moving,, so my part took longer to get to the shop than maybe normal,,,

I want-----to order some more thread from Metro .com,, I already got their 66 mini spools that they had on sale, so now I want to get the king cones,, but I need to make sure that they will work on my D1 first..

I want----- to get this tablecloth done, it is a pain in the rear using my little Deco 600, the bobbin is small, when the bobbin runs out, or thread breaks,, you can't always hear the "beep", if there is one,,, and then when you find out the design,, has messed up,, the machine won't "back up" to where it messed up for you to pick up where it left off, no,, you have to go back to the beggining of the design,, and forward all the way to were it left off,, good thing the design I am on is a simple one,,,, I will be glad to get my D1 back,,