Sunday, March 15, 2009

I want, I want, I want

I want----- my embroidery machine back,, it has been over a month since I have been able to really use it,, I guess metal on plastic doesn't go to well,, the hoop holder,,( the part the hoop slides into to embroidery) started getting loose, and it started getting really noticable on my 240x150 hoop,, even on the smaller one, it wasn't much better,, so the dealer had to order another one,, well come to find out,, I guess Viking,, or part of it anyway is moving,, so my part took longer to get to the shop than maybe normal,,,

I want-----to order some more thread from Metro .com,, I already got their 66 mini spools that they had on sale, so now I want to get the king cones,, but I need to make sure that they will work on my D1 first..

I want----- to get this tablecloth done, it is a pain in the rear using my little Deco 600, the bobbin is small, when the bobbin runs out, or thread breaks,, you can't always hear the "beep", if there is one,,, and then when you find out the design,, has messed up,, the machine won't "back up" to where it messed up for you to pick up where it left off, no,, you have to go back to the beggining of the design,, and forward all the way to were it left off,, good thing the design I am on is a simple one,,,, I will be glad to get my D1 back,,

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