Sunday, November 30, 2008

It's done,

I have been trying to get to Joann's for over a week now to get buttons,,, finally got them,, and found i had put the interfacing in sideways,,, well, the interfacing i used had stretch one way,, the material stretches both ways,, so the stretch is going up and down,,,

so i had to do some experimenting,, not my favorite thing,, but it made the difference,,,

I already had the interfacing,, but that wasn't enough,, so i needed something more stable,, cutaway stabilizer for embroidery,,,it worked perfect,,,it stabilized it going both ways,, but upon experimenting to see what the button hole would look like going both directions,, i noticed that the hole going up and down was better,, the one going side to side had the stitches burried in the material,, so this is one time the experimenting definitely helped,,

this is the stabilizer behind the button hole..

and the finished jacket,,,

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Learning to blog,,

Ok, so i am somewhat computer challeneged...but i will get this blogging figured out,, putting the pics in the right order,, my favorites, posting properly,,its a learning process for me,,,

Here are two aprons i made over the weekend,, not fancy, but a learning experience for me cause i didn't use a pattern,, i happened to have another one i had made before,, and used it as a pattern,, just laying the apron on material, and cutting it out,, allowing for edges and such,, but i think they turned out pretty good,,

I was looking at some of the pics on my camera stick the other day,, and forgot about these,, booties from by Laurie Anderson,, they are just precious,,

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Inside of back of jacket,, i had to take it up about an inch at the waist,, cut open the darts, trimed them and pressed flat,, and put a coverstitch hem in,,

Back of jacket,, now the pattern didn't call for darts,, but it just wasn't fitting right,, so i put it on my dress form, and just started pinning out the fullness,,, man i love my df.. it makes life sooo much easier,,, usually,,,,

This was some of the fabric cluttering up my cutting table,, it is a heavy knit,, not quite finished yet,, still have to put a closure on it,, and i say closure cause i'm not sure if i want to use buttons, or something else,, depends on what Joann's has to offer,,,

A little sewing,, finally,,,

I have been needing jackets for a while,, well i finally broke down and made one,, from this pattern,, sorry for the glare,,

Friday, November 7, 2008

Spring er, Fall cleaning,,

This is SOME of my spring fabric,,,plastic bins are about 14.5 gallons each,,and i still have enough to fill another one,, i think,,,,