Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Treasures treasures,,,,, galore

I am on several message boards.. no make that a LOT of boards,, and one thing I hear a lot is that ladies wish they had a Grandma or Aunt or some such ralation that they could inherit their sewing stash from,,, well I had one,, a Grandmother,, Grandma Miller past away in March,, she had lots of stuff,, LOTS of stuff,, NOT like most people do,, Grandma had a way of packing things,, my Ds has a saying now,, it was Grandma packed,, or you are learning to Grandma pack,, Grandma never worked,, she helped my Granpa Miller raise 4 kids,, I sometimes think part of her lot in life was to learn how to pack so she could move everything everytime her and Grandpa moved,, cause he told her one time,, I am not moving this stuff again,,,it makes me think of the reality shows,, that people come to you're home and teach you how to do things,, well they wouldn't have anything on Grandma,, she could teach them, ha ha,,,,, Anyway, I do have pix, lots of pix,, and what I have right now, I am told by my Dm that is just part of it,,, oh boy......                                          

This box is still half full..
This came out of the box above, the green on the lower left is a box this pile is setting on,, to give you and idea of how much is in the pile,,,

Grandma did  a lot of hand embroidery,

The back.

Lace, this is old,, and some of it is in the round....meaning it doesn't have a cut edge, like knit ribbing,,

The two peices 2nd from the bottom are the same,, this is an example of lace in the round,,

This is interesting, the stitches are slightly raised...

And here is the back,,

And oh the material,, I got about half way through this and that is when the thought hit me about having someone to inherit stash from,, and it made me realize I was sad that I didn't enjoy her as much as I could have,, and that I was sooo glad Mom was able to save some of her stuff,, a story for later,,,,

These are something different,, dont think I have ever seen this before,, these are I guess you would call craft kits,,I have three, this one is  the pic in the middle, the mirror and vanity case,, the mirror is the piece i  have,,
the one on the left is a victorian picture frame.

This is  a note niche,, i think the piece on the left is whats in the box.
They all came in boxes like this one....

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Not a lot going on yet.

I guess I am in a sewing slump,, I haven't done anything in about two weeks,, In March 6th my Grand Mother passed away, she and I were the only ones in the family that sewed,, she didn't do much,, and least not any more,, and our styles were different,, but she had some awesome linens,, had embroidered pillow cases, that she crocheted edgings on,, I have gotten just a bit of her stuff so far,, there is supposedly a "bunch" at my Mothers house,, ,, so will have to post pix when I get them,,, Will hopefully get something done this week, Spring is here and need to start using up some of this stash so I can buy new,, plus need to get to doing some embroidery,, too much to do,, too little time,,,

Monday, April 5, 2010

Trying to get going again.

I am trying to make a skirt for Holly here I started it a week ago, well since then I have been babying her,, she had all 4 wisdom teeth pulled Thurs,,  so from Friday on it has been hit and miss for me to be in the sewing room,, but I am determined to get it done,, besides,, poor girl needs some clothes,,, lol...