Sunday, December 17, 2017

Remnant top..

I got this piece of material at Joanns, from there remnant shelf. It is about 22 in Long so it took me a little bit to figure out what to make out of basically, a half of yard piece of material. I had to turn the material sideways to make the top,

I had a real dilemma trying to figure out how to do the neck, I wanted to put elastic in it but I wasn't sure how to do it,because the knit it was not very stable, very unravely. So first I used a wonderful product called wash away wonder tape Here.

The  Wonder tape was the exact width of the elastic I wanted to use,  so I literally just put the tape on around the neck, where I wanted the elastic at clipping as I went.

                                                     Wash away tape.


Peal off the backing.

                                                           Apply the elastic.

Serge the neck and turn under.

It worked, and I am so glad, because I have several other pieces to make tops out of like this...

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

A comfortable jean skirt

I have had the hardest time making a jean skirt, then I found out it wasn't me, it was the material. You get the right weight of material, you get a good skirt.

Butterick 4461 has been my go to pattern for A line skirts, especially jean skirts. Though it has been modified, many times. Lengthen, added pockets, Gore's. There is no telling what else may be changed on it before I am done ,, ha ha!!

I haven't gotten good at doing a proper back yet, still a few fitting issues, besides, I unusually wear long tops anyway, so anything dressy done in the back wouldn't be seen anyway. 

This is one of the "comfortable" things I did, I made the waistband on the bias, both the fashion fabric, and the lining,, this is to make gathering of the fabric for the elastic easier. And the lining is a light weight cotton, to reduce bulk. 

Sunday, July 24, 2016


My closet is in such need of colors, so I am giving it some,, maroon...This jacket is from a knit top pattern, so I just added a little to the seems for it to go  over other clothes, I added a big book and eye at the neck for a closure.

The lace around the bottom and sleeves was done on my embroidery machine...the set is from From the needle of anne.  Called little laces 1...  This price is about 7 in long, so I used my Embird software and edited by putting 5 pieces in my 6x10 hoop, thus sewing out 5 pieces without re-hooping, after 2 hoopings, it was pretty much done.. I had to do a couple extra smaller pieces for the sleeves, but it worked well...

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Material,material !!!!

A lot of you that shop at Hancock's may know, it is closing. In 3 weeks, I went to 3 different stores and this is what I got. Talk about fabric. As if I didn't have enough already..

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Flirt Skirt..

I joined  Craftsy several years ago,, its an online learning center, basically.. with hundreds of classes to choose from,, and kits for making lots of thing.. One of those things was a kit for a skirt..I don't usually get kits,, I always think they charge too much for everything,, but  I loved the look,, and the idea,,  so I went for it,,

This is the result,,, this a chambrey type material,, very lightweight, denim,,  its a very simple pattern,, only one piece,, the front is made off the back,, the front it simple narrow A-line,, the back it basically the same,, but it has a curve  in the center back back for walking ease, hence the name Flirt Skirt..

So.. I liked it so much, I made one out of Ponte knit... I may make some more... This is a very easy, comfortable skirt... 

This is a side view,, it shows some of the CB hanging... 

Sunday, November 15, 2015

My 1st bias skirt..

I have seen bias skirts pictured before, and always wondered about making one,, but  was always too afraid to try,,, till Craftsy started a class by Sandra Betzina,, Sewing on the Bias,, now I am hooked,, it was WAY easier than I thought,,

                             Using Vogue 1333, the pattern for the class..

 I made it out of some old,, old,, material,, this is stuff I have had I thing for about 20 yrs,, I got it from Wal-Mart.. it is strips of material and lace sewed together to make material,, it turned out to be the perfect fit for a bias skirt..

I did line it with batiste, since it was very thin,,elastic in the waist,, I sewed right side of skirt to wrong side of lining,, turned it in and sewed the casing for the elastic,, narrow 5/8 hem on the skirt, and serger finished, the lining,,I will be making more...

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Wow.. too long,,,

I have been sewing,, I just haven't been posting,, I have learned one good thing about posting though,, it gives me a time frame of when I made something,,, sometimes I forget when I made something,, so I come on here to look. and think wow,, I have had that for THAT long,,, time to get rid of, or do something with it,,

                     Well, as you can see from the date on the pic, it is 3 yrs old.. already,, oh well..   The top is Burda 7595, made with sweater knit,, this is one of my favorite types of material now...

 Please excuse the mess on the bed,, but I think I was having her try on a bunch of things to post on here,,, um yeh...

A pic of the hem,, or selvage edge.. this was really cut material.. stretch knit,, I just measured, cut and sewed...