Saturday, December 12, 2015

Flirt Skirt..

I joined  Craftsy several years ago,, its an online learning center, basically.. with hundreds of classes to choose from,, and kits for making lots of thing.. One of those things was a kit for a skirt..I don't usually get kits,, I always think they charge too much for everything,, but  I loved the look,, and the idea,,  so I went for it,,

This is the result,,, this a chambrey type material,, very lightweight, denim,,  its a very simple pattern,, only one piece,, the front is made off the back,, the front it simple narrow A-line,, the back it basically the same,, but it has a curve  in the center back back for walking ease, hence the name Flirt Skirt..

So.. I liked it so much, I made one out of Ponte knit... I may make some more... This is a very easy, comfortable skirt... 

This is a side view,, it shows some of the CB hanging... 

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