Sunday, May 10, 2009

Icky iron

I know it's probably not the dirtiest, but its mine,, and I need to clean it,,, :).. my iron has been like this for about a month,, we don't have anyplace local any more that carries and descent sewing supplies,, ( Wal-mart fab dept closed down over a year ago,, that's another subject,,:(
every time I would go to Joann's, I would forget about it,, well Friday, I almost burnt my DH shirt,, so I think making a special trip to Joann"s was necassary,, the before
the after,,, wow this stuff really works,, it took everything off,,,
off the iron, onto the rag,,

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sewing room,,,

I am sooo excited,, after about 10 yrs,, I finally have a new sewing area,, this is what the old one looked like,,,I used to always say that I didn't have any more room left,, that we were going to have to start on the ceiling,, well i now see just how much waisted space we had on the wall,,,,
ok, excuse all the clutter,,, and I took these pictures,,,

the books by the computer, setting on the shelf,, they are my design/online class/project binders,,,
And now,,,, drum roll,, I love, love, love it,,
We took down that one shelf,, (that was pulling away from the wall already),put in a sheet of pegboard 4x8 ft.. he put the top brace board(for lack of a better name for it), going across the top,, then he put in 4 verticle boards in,,and nothing in the bottem,,, he told me it always happend that something always falls in behind the pegboard and gets trapped by the horizontal board,, well there are none aside from the top one,,
All of my thread is up where I can get to it easily,, I even have some more space to fill in to the right of the thread racks,,, I told my DH,, after looking at other ladies sewing rooms for years,, I am finally looking at my own,, you can't imagine how good this feels,, I don't have to look for things,, or move stuff around to be able to sew or embroidery, I just go over set down and go to it,,, it makes me feel like doing something,,,, or sewing something.. :)
DH took these...he told me after getting the room done that "I need a bigger room"... well I could have told him that,, what with my machines,, material, table and all, yes,, a bigger room would be nice,,,,

Scissor case

I got this designs from a friend on a board,, I just love crazy patch,, both because it looks so pretty, but because you can use up scrap material, whether it be old or not,,

Now I still have to put a closure on it, probably will hand sew velcro to it,, , and the scissors arent all the way in,, but DH wanted them in there for looks,,

Embroidery designs.

You've heard the saying of people being addicted to something,, well I think I am addicted to designs,,, I have 33 designers here,, now that isn't 33 sets,,,, my binders are separated by designers,,, and I have anywhere from 1 set to up to 30 sets froms each one,,, the binder on the left is a3 in D-ring binder,, it is FULL,,,it is so full, I had to start putting them in the 1-1/2 in on the right,,,,I have been collecting them for over 5 yrs,, don't ask me how much I have spent,I don't know,,but I would problably be shocked to.... :0