Wednesday, December 21, 2016

A comfortable jean skirt

I have had the hardest time making a jean skirt, then I found out it wasn't me, it was the material. You get the right weight of material, you get a good skirt.

Butterick 4461 has been my go to pattern for A line skirts, especially jean skirts. Though it has been modified, many times. Lengthen, added pockets, Gore's. There is no telling what else may be changed on it before I am done ,, ha ha!!

I haven't gotten good at doing a proper back yet, still a few fitting issues, besides, I unusually wear long tops anyway, so anything dressy done in the back wouldn't be seen anyway. 

This is one of the "comfortable" things I did, I made the waistband on the bias, both the fashion fabric, and the lining,, this is to make gathering of the fabric for the elastic easier. And the lining is a light weight cotton, to reduce bulk.