Sunday, August 26, 2012

Still sewing,,

Just got side tracked by School starting back. I keep trying to remember to take pix of what I have made,, and every time I either don't have a camera, or I don't have my model, my Dd...

But, I do have another pic for you. This is a pic I took at our local JoAnn's,, the material pictured is their fat quarters,,,this is in a "shelf" by the checkout station,,, there is about maybe 50 in here,,, the store is moving and they are trying to see inventory..if you think this is bad,, you should see the rest of the store behind me,, half of the store was already cleaned out,, can't wait for Aug 31st for the new store to open.....

Saturday, August 4, 2012

ITY top

Another take on my TnT knit top,,  but with one difference,, I used ITY fabric,,, now I made one several months ago,, and didn't like it at all,, so I thought I would try it again,,, I LOVE this one,,,, it is so comfortable  the difference,, I added about 3/8 in to the middle of the side seam,, and yes just to the middle. You know had some shirt styles go in a little for the hour glass shape,,, well my pattern did to,, so I left the side seam straight,, and it worked perfectly,,                    

I wanted to do something different on the neck,, but couldn't decide what,, I wanted it to stand out just a bit and not blend in so much,,, I wanted to put a trim on with the binding,, but with what,, and what color, I either had off white or green to choose from in the colors form material to work with,,, so I got to looking at the material and noticed the white on the salvage,, perfect,, only problem it is not bias, so that means I have to curve it myself,,,


                                      Time for the iron, and a lot of steam,,,,