Thursday, June 25, 2009

My 24 hour Dedication Gown

I don't sew for people very often,, but I have a soft spot for Dedication/Christening gowns,, I guess because I love heirloom creations. Well a couple in our church had a little girl on the 19th,, they were going to wait a while to have her dedicted,, but Family came in from out of town,, and it got moved up,, very up, I was told on the 21st, (Sun, night) that it was going to be on the 23rd (Tues),, :-0,,,

The Grandmother, was happy that the in-laws were here,, but didn't think I would be able to make anything that fast,,, niether did I actually, so she was just going to go get something for the baby instead,,, I thought about it for about a minute,, and said,,, I can do it,,(some times I wonder how I get myself into these things),, it won't be what I really had in mind,, but it will be pretty,, she was happy,,,

So I started thinking,, I have SO many designs,,, surely I can find something to use. I found the fabric to use,, a white voile,,, my pattern, Simp 7488, the only baby pattern I have,,(out of print) and started figuring,, I didn't get much done that night,, so Mon, I started experimenting,, after a while I realized I didn't have time for that,, and I went to what i knew,, Heirloom,,

I only used the front, back and sleeve pieces when I make a dress,, I make up my own skirt,, and any embellishments that go on them,, the flowers on the bodice are cuttouts from the lace used on the hem,, that I had on hand.. I love pintucks,, they are quick, cheap,, and easy. there are 4 just above the lace,, then I used a shaping board I got from the Martha Pullen Co,, that has loop shapes on it,, and traced those shapes for the circular pintucks,, then I just echoed the shape once, the trim for the waist is just voile folded in half with a shell stitch giving it a scalloped look...

After all was done,, I was happy, the family loved it,,, and I was glad I did it,, this was the 1st one I have made in about 10 yrs, so I was relieved I managed it,,

Friday, June 19, 2009

BWOF jacket

My first BWOF pattern,, now what makes these patterns so different is you have to add seam allowances and hems,, and sometimes the instructions are a bit vague.. so it helps to have a little sewing experience to make them,,

Some embroidery I added to the front yoke
A closeup of how I had to pin the yoke to the hoop,, centering it up wasn't easy,,,,

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Answering questions

Thank you ladies for you'r comments,,and I am so sorry,, I thought I had the option chosen to be allerted when a response had been made,, I guess not,,,

SewMarySew, I bought them, about 5 of them in all, I already had several,, (I know have 13), but several were needing replaced,, If you get any, make sure that they are both glued and stapled,, the ones with just staples are now very sturdy,, that will come apart,,,

FBeenZ,, yes I had though about that,, not that I think my room is "all that" . well I do but for me,, I looked at one site mostly, with lots of ideas on it,, so I may submit pix to one sometime,, just to see what they think,,,,:-)

Making decisions

I don't like making decisions, EVEN in sewing,, coarse for me,, I have known that about life in general for a long time,,, but i just realized it even happens when I sew,,,when I go out to eat,, even if it is the same restaurant (like Miky Ds) I sometimes still have to think about what i want,, even if the menu has been the same for a year,,, :oops:
When I sort mail, especially if it is a clothing catalog, or a crafting book,, I "might" look at it right quick to see if I want to keep it or throw it away,, OR it may sit on my cabinet for months, until i get tired of it setting there,,(along with all the other mail that's there because of indecision) and go through it and finally decide what to do with it,,,

Now onto sewing,, it may sound odd, that I am indecisive (sp),, but unless you were around me for a while,, you wouldn't see it,, and this isn't a sewing block,, well if it is,,then i have a lot of them, and fairly often,, :-0 and i don't think it is always being overwhelmed,, i think i just have a hard time making up my mind what i want to do,,,, If I was just a procrastinator,, it wouldn't be so bad,, but that and being indecisive,, wow,, its a wonder i ever get anything done,,, oh wait,, I don't get much done, and I have cleaned out as much material as i currently have,, Its not that it gets old,, well it does,, but i just don't make up my mind to do anything with it,,, then I get tired of looking at it,, and say by by,,, then i get more,, and it sets for months,, and years,, waiting and waiting,,

Same thing with designs,, I see all this thread,, my machine,, now that I have everything organized,, I think, what do i want to do,,well i would like to make some lace to go on an outfit, but then i have to decide on material, pattern,, color of thread, yadda yadda..
Well, maybe at least now that i know what the problem is,, I can work on it better,, :)