Sunday, June 14, 2009

Answering questions

Thank you ladies for you'r comments,,and I am so sorry,, I thought I had the option chosen to be allerted when a response had been made,, I guess not,,,

SewMarySew, I bought them, about 5 of them in all, I already had several,, (I know have 13), but several were needing replaced,, If you get any, make sure that they are both glued and stapled,, the ones with just staples are now very sturdy,, that will come apart,,,

FBeenZ,, yes I had though about that,, not that I think my room is "all that" . well I do but for me,, I looked at one site mostly, with lots of ideas on it,, so I may submit pix to one sometime,, just to see what they think,,,,:-)

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