Thursday, June 25, 2009

My 24 hour Dedication Gown

I don't sew for people very often,, but I have a soft spot for Dedication/Christening gowns,, I guess because I love heirloom creations. Well a couple in our church had a little girl on the 19th,, they were going to wait a while to have her dedicted,, but Family came in from out of town,, and it got moved up,, very up, I was told on the 21st, (Sun, night) that it was going to be on the 23rd (Tues),, :-0,,,

The Grandmother, was happy that the in-laws were here,, but didn't think I would be able to make anything that fast,,, niether did I actually, so she was just going to go get something for the baby instead,,, I thought about it for about a minute,, and said,,, I can do it,,(some times I wonder how I get myself into these things),, it won't be what I really had in mind,, but it will be pretty,, she was happy,,,

So I started thinking,, I have SO many designs,,, surely I can find something to use. I found the fabric to use,, a white voile,,, my pattern, Simp 7488, the only baby pattern I have,,(out of print) and started figuring,, I didn't get much done that night,, so Mon, I started experimenting,, after a while I realized I didn't have time for that,, and I went to what i knew,, Heirloom,,

I only used the front, back and sleeve pieces when I make a dress,, I make up my own skirt,, and any embellishments that go on them,, the flowers on the bodice are cuttouts from the lace used on the hem,, that I had on hand.. I love pintucks,, they are quick, cheap,, and easy. there are 4 just above the lace,, then I used a shaping board I got from the Martha Pullen Co,, that has loop shapes on it,, and traced those shapes for the circular pintucks,, then I just echoed the shape once, the trim for the waist is just voile folded in half with a shell stitch giving it a scalloped look...

After all was done,, I was happy, the family loved it,,, and I was glad I did it,, this was the 1st one I have made in about 10 yrs, so I was relieved I managed it,,

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