Monday, July 20, 2009

New things.

I have been quiet lately,,, because,, I got a new computer,,in the pic, you can see the dark pink shade, well that is where my old computer used to set,, the plastic file cabinet used to be under the far side of the table,, the drawer,, ha ha,, you probably didn;t know this table came with one huh,, well that's because it's been hidden on the other side of the table,, against my sewing machine table,,,, oh, and yes,, that is a ton of fabric under the table,,,

A better pic of my computer,, I really like it,, I have never had a laptop before,, actually the only comp I've had was the table top one,, we started with it as a family comp, in 03 when we got internet,, and slowly from there,, DH got one,, DS got one, now that I have this one, DD got my old, one,,, OK now the reason I got it,, the 1st week of July,, I thought my comp crashed,, my DH had been telling me for a while that it was running slow,, and slower,, well you get the idea,, well one Sun I tured it on, and nothing,, the biggest problem was I didn't have anything saved,, none of my designs,, my password for Embird,, nothing,, see about a week before,, we had went to Best Buy to look for something for my DH,, well I asked him about an external hard drive, for my comp.. he said he had one I could use but would have to get a cord for the power supply,, well that week went by and my comp went down,, so ,to make a long story short,,, we finnaly got it going again,(but in the meantime, we dicided it was time for a new one so we wouldn't have to worry about any problems again,,,), Dh got the ex.hard drive going, we got everything transferred,, and the day was saved,, but get this,, I had SOOO many designs on the computer, that it took over 2 hrs to transfer all of them,,, wow,, when we got the new comp,, it took 10 min,, 10 MINUTES,,, hah,,,but now I am learing all the advantages of having a table comp,, the number keypad is built in,,,(yes I know you can get the keypad built in on a laptop,, but is has to be bigger than what I have,, so...) the slot for my memory stick for my camera, the slot for my D1 floppy disk, all these I have to plug in manually,, so that's 3 usb ports taken sometimes,, not to mention all the usb ports used anyway,,, but all in all,, I like it,,now I can take it with me where ever I go,,, AND the bigger plus, I can use my cutting table again,,, YES,,,,

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