Sunday, June 14, 2009

Making decisions

I don't like making decisions, EVEN in sewing,, coarse for me,, I have known that about life in general for a long time,,, but i just realized it even happens when I sew,,,when I go out to eat,, even if it is the same restaurant (like Miky Ds) I sometimes still have to think about what i want,, even if the menu has been the same for a year,,, :oops:
When I sort mail, especially if it is a clothing catalog, or a crafting book,, I "might" look at it right quick to see if I want to keep it or throw it away,, OR it may sit on my cabinet for months, until i get tired of it setting there,,(along with all the other mail that's there because of indecision) and go through it and finally decide what to do with it,,,

Now onto sewing,, it may sound odd, that I am indecisive (sp),, but unless you were around me for a while,, you wouldn't see it,, and this isn't a sewing block,, well if it is,,then i have a lot of them, and fairly often,, :-0 and i don't think it is always being overwhelmed,, i think i just have a hard time making up my mind what i want to do,,,, If I was just a procrastinator,, it wouldn't be so bad,, but that and being indecisive,, wow,, its a wonder i ever get anything done,,, oh wait,, I don't get much done, and I have cleaned out as much material as i currently have,, Its not that it gets old,, well it does,, but i just don't make up my mind to do anything with it,,, then I get tired of looking at it,, and say by by,,, then i get more,, and it sets for months,, and years,, waiting and waiting,,

Same thing with designs,, I see all this thread,, my machine,, now that I have everything organized,, I think, what do i want to do,,well i would like to make some lace to go on an outfit, but then i have to decide on material, pattern,, color of thread, yadda yadda..
Well, maybe at least now that i know what the problem is,, I can work on it better,, :)

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