Sunday, November 15, 2015

My 1st bias skirt..

I have seen bias skirts pictured before, and always wondered about making one,, but  was always too afraid to try,,, till Craftsy started a class by Sandra Betzina,, Sewing on the Bias,, now I am hooked,, it was WAY easier than I thought,,

                             Using Vogue 1333, the pattern for the class..

 I made it out of some old,, old,, material,, this is stuff I have had I thing for about 20 yrs,, I got it from Wal-Mart.. it is strips of material and lace sewed together to make material,, it turned out to be the perfect fit for a bias skirt..

I did line it with batiste, since it was very thin,,elastic in the waist,, I sewed right side of skirt to wrong side of lining,, turned it in and sewed the casing for the elastic,, narrow 5/8 hem on the skirt, and serger finished, the lining,,I will be making more...

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