Monday, August 3, 2009

Jean Skirt

I have been looking for a jean skirt pattern that I liked for a long time,, I finally found one,,,Burda 7651
I was going to make a muslin out of just this black denim,, but it turned out so good,, well it's no longer a muslin,, it is very comfortable,, but, there was some tweaking,,

The pattern has 2in tucks, but I didn't think they looked that good on me with all my "fluff",
so I sewed the tuck up, tapering it to nothing at the hem,,

but that didn't look too good either,,

so next I tried putting 3 small tucks in,,, nope didn't like that either..

so I finally figured out to just pin out the fullness, and make a flat tummy,, much better,,,
I really like this pattern, and will not only make more of them,, I will make several more,,,:-)


Sherril said...

I love your perseverance. I would have probably called it a wadder and moved on. But you now have a very cute skirt.

Tamara said...

Cute skirt! I had been looking for a jean skirt also. I was looking for flat front and it is nice to see how you converted a pleated front to flat. Great job!