Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New patterns

I have been eyeing several patterns for a while, so I figured I had better get them before they are no longer available,, I got the idea for them from here

I will probably make these for DD sometime,, as they are more youthfull, and I well, have passed that area of life a little,, too much "fluff" carried around the midsection,, :-)

Anyway,, they are all Vogue's,, the black is 1107, (not on her site)the white is 1048, both of these are Chado Ralph Rucci,, the other is Badgley Mischka 1066, I first started looking at Tany's blog several months ago,, and was astounded,, she sews like I would love to, so much detail,, so perfect,, so fast, of coarse she probably doesn't have as many fitting issuse as I do either,,, lol...

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