Friday, October 2, 2009


I am in a blah mood,, I have had my SM back for a week now,, and just cant get into doing anything, at the same time, I haven't embroidered for a month,, I wanted to make something on it this weekend but can't make up my mind what,,

So what is the next best thing,, browsing,, I was thinking purses,, and lets face it,, what lady can say no to a new purse,, but,, I always wait for a sale to get them,,but the places I like getting purse design from aren't having any sales,, so,,, browsing i went,, here is what i found, here lots of tutorials,,, enjoy,,,:-)

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glorm said...

Wow--lots of purse patterns there. I will look more later (and try to find the free ones-LOL).

Purses are fun to make. Added bonus: not a lot of concern about size.