Saturday, October 31, 2009

Vouge, 8151

I am in the process of finding a TNT knit top for Dd, and I think I have found it,,,,

This is my 1st try at it,, I am in the process of making another one, and each on that I make, I am adjusting the pattern to get the right fit, its nice doing it this way cause each time she is getting a new top,, and cause its knit,, the material is forgiving,, on the right is the 1st adjustment I made, and 3/4in forward shoulder adj, it may not look bad, but when she is standing straigh,, it is very noticable that the seam is too far back..

I also moved the sleeves "forward", basically adding 1/4in to the back sleeve,, and taking away 1/4 from the front,, I think I will need to adj the front a little more, but that is for the next one,,, well, the 3rd one,

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glorm said...

It's looking pretty good! That's a great way to do the fitting and your DD will have a nice wardrobe of knit tops.