Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Another Vogue

A quick post,, yes I am still around,, have been helping my Db, he was diagnosed with Colon Cancer in Nov of 07, since then, it has spread to his lungs, liver, breast bone, and now to his brain stem,, and yes he has been undergoing Chemo, but the Cancer that he has, is so aggressive, that it will never be in remission,, it will always be maintenance, so it will eventually win,, unless a miracle happens,, and I do believe in those,, thank God!!!

Sometime in Oct/Nov, (been too long to remember now),, he came down with Pneumonia, was in the hosp for a month,, scarring on his lung left him with only one,, he is now doing as good as is possible,, but we go day to day,, so that is part of where i have been lately,,,

Now onto sewing things!!!

I love this pattern,, this is the 2nd one, I think I am getting better at making it,, I am getting the bugs worked out, still have to take it in a little more though,,

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