Sunday, April 18, 2010

Not a lot going on yet.

I guess I am in a sewing slump,, I haven't done anything in about two weeks,, In March 6th my Grand Mother passed away, she and I were the only ones in the family that sewed,, she didn't do much,, and least not any more,, and our styles were different,, but she had some awesome linens,, had embroidered pillow cases, that she crocheted edgings on,, I have gotten just a bit of her stuff so far,, there is supposedly a "bunch" at my Mothers house,, ,, so will have to post pix when I get them,,, Will hopefully get something done this week, Spring is here and need to start using up some of this stash so I can buy new,, plus need to get to doing some embroidery,, too much to do,, too little time,,,

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