Sunday, November 30, 2008

It's done,

I have been trying to get to Joann's for over a week now to get buttons,,, finally got them,, and found i had put the interfacing in sideways,,, well, the interfacing i used had stretch one way,, the material stretches both ways,, so the stretch is going up and down,,,

so i had to do some experimenting,, not my favorite thing,, but it made the difference,,,

I already had the interfacing,, but that wasn't enough,, so i needed something more stable,, cutaway stabilizer for embroidery,,,it worked perfect,,,it stabilized it going both ways,, but upon experimenting to see what the button hole would look like going both directions,, i noticed that the hole going up and down was better,, the one going side to side had the stitches burried in the material,, so this is one time the experimenting definitely helped,,

this is the stabilizer behind the button hole..

and the finished jacket,,,

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Lorri said...

I hadn't thought about putting stablizer on knits for buttonholes...good idea. thanks for sharing. LIke your blog btw.