Friday, January 2, 2009

Spinning my wheels

Is that the term,, when you try and try, but never seem to get anything done,, on Dec 22, we started our two week vacation from School,, i have plans to get things done,, did I,,,, NO,,, well, i got a little more done on the tablecloth,, a few embroidered things made, (will post pix later) but of the things i wanted to get done,,ei,, a pattern for knit tops,, a pattern started for jean skirts,, samples started for pillow cases,, now for most poeple,, this would be done is a day,,,, now it's not so much procrastination that is a problem,, but just plain piddling,,, now tell me,, how can you seem to get nothing done in a 16 hrs period.. or it just seems like nothing,,, through disorganization,, and lack of planning,, or just sheer lack of motivation,, or being overwhelmed, by looking at everything you have to do,, and saying,, it will be there tomorrow,, well the problem with that is,, tomorrow ususally brings new things to do,, so now i have things to do for 2 days,, ugh,, will i ever learn,, or catch up,,, probably not,,lol......

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