Sunday, January 4, 2009

What i DID do....

For the last 2 weeks, this little one has been keeping me going,,, she is amost 3 mo old,, weighs about 3 lbs,, her name is Tinker,, i got her from my sister,,>here but couldn't sell her on account of a heart murmur,, and we wanted a 2nd dog,, so here she is,,, please excuse the bottom end of the other dog,,

Now onto sewing,, these are pouches that i make sometimes,, they are really cute,,>cases

Now i couldn't be off for 2 weeks without doing some shopping,, so i got, a cutting mat,, 36x25,, this will fit on the end of my cutting table,, so now maybe i can get back to stanking upright, instead of leaning over my bed,,, i also got so 2 pressing helps,, the tailors ham,, and seam roll,, these are used mostly for tailoring,, which i want to get into sometime,, i am just slowly getting things now,, so it's not everything at once,, doing it slowly will also help me find places for it,, have you seen my sewing area lately,,,???? its scary in here,,,

Last but not least,, by best purchase for the week,,, can anyone say THREAD,,, yes yes,,, i have been embroidering for about 10 yrs,, and have never bought a package before,,,i guess because i never knew where to put it,, price,, and didn't know if i would use all those colors,, well i finally did it,, 66 spools,, 1000m,, and i love it,,,,this

is going to replace this,, hopefully soon,,

And now for some cleaning,, can anyone say overkill, i cleaned out my patterns,, wow,, i knew i have a lot,, but get real,, i got to looking at some of them, and noticed how close some were to others.. for instance,, i had about 5 button front slightly fitted shirt patterns,, that were basically all the same,, well most of them are for my DD,, but the pattern she needs has to have a dart both in the front and at the side,,and there was only 2 of them,, so that weeded out a few of those,, now in case you don't think i had too many,, there are at least 40 just in the bag,, i am going to be a LOT more picky about patterns in the future,,and look at line drawings more,, that is what really tells you what the pattern looks like,,,

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