Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Knit shirt

I have been wanting to make a knit shirt for a while now, a pattern that fits has been holding me back,, I have several, but the shoulders are either too wide, arms too long, and or tight,, that is a tricky one for me,, when the upper arm is too tight, but the rest of the sleeve pattern fits,, my brain goes into a freeze and I think, ok, where do I start,, I understand enough about alterations, that I would have to do what is called a slash and spread technique, if that were the only thing I had to do, it wouldn't bother me so much, but when you have half a dozen things to do to make a patten fit,, why bother,, unless you want a challenge,, which right now,, I don't,,,

So what I did, was get a shirt of my own,, and take it apart,, a good shirt mind you,, yes it "can" be a sacrifice,, if it were tore up enough that it couldn't be put back together,, but I think I was careful enough that it can be saved,,,

This is the front piece,, the part to the right, that you can't see much of, is the back,, I left it attached at the shoulder/neck line,, it had a binding on it that I didn't really want to mess with taking off, so I worked around it,,

I don't have any plain white paper wide enough yet to trace patterns onto,, so newspaper is the next best thing,,, I just folded the front and back in half,, placed the cf (center fold) on the straight edge of the paper,, and used a marker to go around the material,, leaving a 1/4 in sa (seam allowance)...
This is without sleeves, but so far, I am pleased,, it does fit fairly well ,,,

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