Saturday, February 7, 2009

Knit shirt.. finished....

I finally have a confortable knit shirt pattern,, I am soo excited,,, now I can make them whenever I want,,out of any material I want,, how great is that,,, :)I love knowing how to sew,, oh, the spots arent on the shirt,, but on the mirror....and,, I know,, I also need to learn how to take a good picture,,, :(

But I did learn one thing making this,, DON"T stretch the band for the neck, I tried it once,, noticed the shirt was puckered a little,, ok,, it was puckered a lot,, so I took it off, tried it again,, this time it was better, but I still pulled it ever so much,, but in some places it was still too much,, but not enough to take the band off,, I guess you could say this shirt is still a learning experience that is usable,,,

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