Monday, May 31, 2010

New fabric

My recent purchase from,, I haven't gotten anything from there is so long I was having withdrawls.. lol.. problem fixed though,,

On the left, is 2 yds of olive, right is 6 yds gray, and that bundle on the bottom, 10 yds of black,, I took advantage of this sale,, a $1.99 sale on twill, light weight twill at that,, the comments said it was light enough for tops... they weren't kidding,, I am used to skirt or jacket weight, this stuff is light,, I was originally wanting to make jean type skirts out of it,, may have to rethink it now, have to look through my pattern stash to see what I come up with, shouldn't be too hard,, I have lots of gored skirt patterns I think will be great on,,,

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