Monday, April 6, 2009


Oh it feels so good to be embroidering again,, I finally got my machine back,, after being gone for about 3 weeks,, Viking is in the process of moving I guess part of thier facility,, so it took longer than usuall to get the part it,,, but,,I also found out,, my bobbin tension is off AGAIN,,, you would think this machine and I have a love hate relationship,, humph, I actually really love my machine,, it is the best one I have ever sewn on,, I guess I have done pretty good that in about 10 yrs this is the most problems I have had with one,,, but I am very lucky,, I have a great, great, GREAT,, tech,, he is just wonderfull,, he has been sooooo helpful,,, never treated me like it is just me,, , you know the feeling i am sure,,,

Anyway,, here is the project I am on now,,, I haven't made a bowl in a long time,, so I thought why not,,, this is a new set anyway,, and I need to get some of this old emb. thread used,,( I am getting it a big order this week),,,I got this set from


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