Friday, July 16, 2010

Re-uphostering chairs

This is what I have been working on for about a week,,,

We have had our kitchen set for about 15 yrs.. I think it was time  for a make over,, they have been bad for a while,, I just didn't know if I could redo them,, well this summer I finally decided to, I mean after all, I couldn't do much worse,, lol...
Ahhh, now this is better,, and it only took me a week,, I have never seen so many staples in my life,, at least until I put them back together,, "raised eyebrows",, I think I put back in  twice as many staples, I wanted to make sure these puppies werent coming apart,,, ha ha.. and yes  the seat is a different color,, the chairs are so old, Joann's didn't have the "exact color", which didnt bother me anyway plus, the back didn't need anything done to it, and we were trying to save money in the first place by  me doning it myself,, the chairs are functional and the look tons better, and no one is complaining,, I have even had some compliments form dear hubby, so all is good,,, :-)

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