Sunday, March 18, 2012

New top.

Simplicity 2147 is up next, I have been working on this  had it on my table a while,, I can claim procrastination for part of it,, but mostly it was a lack of commitment in design that got me,,the body of the shirt is supposed to be tucked,, but I didn't know how it would look over DD boobs,, I didn't want the material straining pulling the tucks apart, so I gathered it instead,, it actually looks good,, and I didn't have to do a FBA,, YEAH,,,,,

I think I sewed a 14 straight out of the pattern,, so if this fits that well over her, you know it has to have a LOT of ease,, the yoke "that includes the sleeves", kinda gets lost in the busy pattern of the material,, which is ITY from I was really nervous about using it, cause it is a little drapey, (is that a word?) I was afraid too drapey,, but it works,, and it works even better with a undershirt,, the gathers don't fall between the um boobs, so it looks good that way... and she likes it,, YES,, we have a winner,,   

I think I will try and make her another sometime, and put a piping or contrast material between the yoke and body, so it distinguishes then...

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