Sunday, August 1, 2010


I have tons of blogs in my favorites list,, most of them are on clothing, some are on embroidery, but a few are on quilting,,, Allie's in stitches  is one of them,, I can't remember the search I was doing that brought her blog to me,, but I am so glad I found it,, I have never really done crazy quilting,, but I think done properly,, it is gorgeous,, and I think for the most part, she does it properly.

I have several embroidery designs that are for crazy quilts, and have tried some of them,, but doing this on a sewing  machine compared to an embroidery machine, I think will be easier, besides,, my emb. machine is having a checkup done, so it won't be home for a week or two. 

So far this material left and bottom right, is what I have to make a quilt out of,, and the silk ribbon I think might fit in nicely..

These are samples of what I would like to turn it into,, pretty huh.. here   is the project she made, Vintage CQ.. I think it is beautiful,, I like the center more,, so I am going to try to go off that, for mine..

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