Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Another purse,, well two....

Ok I need to do more of these,, they are fun, just choosing the project and the font is the hardest,, this was  an embroidery design I got from  
here  My Embroidery Haven,,, I omitted the ribbon,, and put on the font instead..

I decided to throw one more in, this is one I got from a  blog.. outside was easy,

The inside however was a little more tricky,, not putting the pockets in, but sewing the 'inside" up,, I had to take out some seams and make the lining smaller so it would lay flatter. or more flat... ha ha..


Anonymous said...

iliciaI'd like to know where you found the "M" you monogrammed on the purse. Its lovely.

sewbluetiful said...

It was a free bee from My Embroidery Haven, I am part of her yahoo group, You might be able to email her and ask her about it, the name of the set is Arabella,