Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Which to do first,

I have gotten back to the sewing room,, several times in fact,, problem is I need to narrow down what I want to do.. I got started on the pouch/purse things,, I even got another one made, will post pix soon,, but I also started sewing clothes again,,, uuhhhhh,, don't faint,,, it has been a while,,

See I figured out something,, ok this is going to sound totally crazy, I love to sew and embroider, but I do my best when I am helping someone, and they are telling what to do,, like what designs or patterns, material, thread colors,, in other words,, I am not making the "decision",, starting to sound familiar,, 

Which brings up another scenario,, my husband,, now this is a good thing believe it or not,,, you know how most women say thier husbands have no style,, well fortunately mine does, and in my case,, very fortunately,, cause I have had to go to him several times to ask his opinion on, colors, (eeks) fabric,, (shock),, I mean he is like a woman,, uh let me be clear,, lol,, in the terms of taste,, he is very should I say gifted,, he just has good tastes,, and ideas.

I said all that to say this,, I was in my sewing/bedroom,, ha ha,, the other day, looking through material to see what i wanted to do with what,, and I thought,, everynow and then i make something, (for our daughter Holly) that he just doesn't like, for one reason or other,, problem is I do it fairly often,,(ok let me insert this here, you know the saying "what were you thinking" when you bought that,, i mean, even with clothing,, maybe more so, with clothing, just because its on the rack doesn't mean it should be purchased, I mean has anyone seen the emails, "poeple of Wal-Mart",, ) problem is, I probably get a lot of materail that you could say that about,,) now most ladies I know would just say, its just my husband,, if i want to make it I will,, well just like clothes that we buy, we want  them to be liked by our family,, we just feel good, or better when someone says,, oh that looks nice, or I like that,,,, well, DH does when he likes it,, but he also says something when he doesn't,, which lately  has been faily often,, soooooo,, I decided to ask him on material,, ok don't thow things at me yet,, cause here is the scenario,(should I be numbering these yet, hhmmm) I am looking at material, trying to look at it from his prospective,, ok this is what he says,, "looks too busy,, too small print,, too old looking, oh yeah,, that will work",, and I think I need to separate this material, because I have pieces in there that I want to make,, but I need to find out what would work best for her first,, so what do I do,, ha ha,, this  was my great idea,, I have never actually done this before,, not on material for clothes anyway,   I asked him to help me pick out material that  he likes for her,,, we go through about 20 pieces of material in about 5 min,, i pick them up, and say what do you think,, he looks at them and says,, yes or no,,, or great, or ^&%$ no,,, lol...

So I start pairing material with patterns after that,, it was SOOOO easy,, I paired up about 5 things after that,,, why didn't I do this sooner,, I could have saved myself so much frustration,, I have about 20 more pieces for hime to look at in the closet, but at least I have a direcion now,,,

So that is  part of the reason i havent't posted, I am busy trying to figure out what to make first,, well thats not completely true,, I am sewing a jacket,, that just why I havent posted on embroidery,, I am trying to figure out what to make next, I want to to a font on something,, I just haven't decided what yet..

And you might say, well you asked DH about the material,, ask him about the embroidery project,, huh, no way,, I want "something" to be me,, even if it does look like crap mess up at least its my crap mess up.

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