Sunday, March 13, 2011

Making lace, and a wadder!

This is kind of a two part post,, its about something that will be used now (lace) and something that will be used later, maybe, (wadder)..huh?  I shall explain, in a bit...First,, this was supposed to be my 2nd JAM, it is a twin set,, made out of maroon knit.. with lace,,, McCalls 4923 which is out of print,,

one problem with the material, it is heavy,, not just drapy, but heavy,, it would make a good winter top,, but too hot for summer,,,and since I am making a matching shell to go under it,, well,, enough said on that,, the other thing,, I forgot the stretch of the material goes against the grain, so the stretch is going down, instead of around,, I remembered this after I had it cut out,, it does have some stretch the way I cut it out,, but this material is so thick, after I put the front facing on, I graded the SA.,. I was going to understitch the seam,, well the seam is so thick and stretchy,, is that a word,, that I had to hand sew the whole thing,,  this is what I got done on the jacket... It isn't actually a wadder,, I will finish it, just not now..

Now for the lace,, this was fun, kinda,,, I have always been the "kind of person", that when I see a lady wearing a piece of clothing that has matching lace,, whether it be a knit top, or a nice dress,, i say, I can make that,, well I am learning a valuable lesson,,I don't need to be making everything I see,,  if I was persistent about getting something done, it might be ok to be "that kind of person" BUT,, being a procrastinator,, wrong,, I have been working on this top and lace for a month,, after a while it stars getting old,, now if I had kept at it,, and set a goal each day,, it might have worked,, right now I have, 2 1/2 yards made,, yes, that is made on the embroidery machine,,,

BTW, if you are wondering where to get this design, or to see more,, it is

                   This is a close-up of how I matched the designs,, so it would be endless...

                        This is how I secured the WSS so it wouldn't move.

The design I used fit in a 4x4 area, so I put it in my 5x7 hoop and put 3 designs per hoop,,,

This is where I am at now, I may have more to make,, but it is getting easier,,,

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