Tuesday, June 7, 2011

First up.

I have had this pattern and material in my stash for a while, so it is time to make it..New Look 6563,,, I am making view E, the sheer one on the left,, my material is a light weight cotton not sheer,, with a ribbon look like thing running through it,,(will take  a pic later,,,)

I had to do a 2 in FBA to start off with,,

Ha, this is bad,, I got the Cd from Palmer/Pletsch Full busted,,, but I feel like this is going to bust me,, and i am just starting out,,,, its kinda hard to see, but after the 2 in alterations,, look at the bustline compared to the neckline,, there is a good 1/2 in difference,, now I know that the pattern is lower than this, but this is how high we want it. well maybe a little lower, but not much,,,.. sooooo...

I realize one thing about sewing for Holly, darts are my friend,, i need to use them everywhere,,,, so I took out a 1/2 in dart in the neck,,,

 Plus I took up 1 inch in the back, I actually went all the way down with the tuck, but after looking at it,,, I realized that below the neck,, it got tight at the mid back,, but I still needed a little tuck in there, now the CB is supposed to be cut on the fold,,, not anymore,,,,,
I hope you can see, it, forget that, i hope you can understand it,,,,lol..first,, I had to take out the dart in the neck,, see that black slit just below where the neckline line is,,, that is the dart that I made,, BUT then i rotated it to the waist,, now wait for it,,, I had such a big side dart,, that I rotated some of it to the waist to,, see the tape in the middle of the side dart,, well there you go,,

  Now if it goes together in the material like it is supposed to,, Hallelujah..

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