Monday, July 11, 2011


I am still here,, and have been sewing,, I really like this top,, it was a pain,, I have always felt that God gave me a gift for sewing,, BUT,, I didn't realize he was going to give me such a busty daughter to sew for... and it is a challenge..I managed to incorporate most of the excess fabric into the dart at the waist.. and I took in another inch in the side seems,, there is actually another 2 inches that could  be taken up, but I didn't want the top to be too tight,, so I left it... the material is a little see through,, so she will wear it with an undershirt..all in all, I think it will work...the only other problem,, this is 100% cotton which means lots of ironing,, why do I do this to myself???

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