Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The shirt that wouldn't go away,,,,

I have made this pattern several times.. but not out of woven fabric,, well woven that stretches.. I have never had so much trouble putting in a binding for a neck.. Of coarse part of the problem was I didn't take into consideration the "lack" of stretch the material had... But I finally got it right,,,

I just wish she liked it,,,, 'sigh',, no she doesn't like it....  she got home from school and I asked her what she thought of it,, because you know that now matter how much you like the print, the pattern or the style,, if it doesn't feel good,, then it won't work,,, well she told me she doesn't like anything about it.,... WHAT!!,, I am like,, you don't like the material,,, the last time I asked, you did.... so I start asking her about other pieces of fabric she had picked out while back that she did like,, well she doesn't like half of them,, so long story short,,, I guess she is going through a phase,,, after looking at 3 stores to find some shirts,, and only finding 1.... I decided that if we cant find anything she DOES like, then what I make for her is just going to have to do,,,,,

So until then,,,,,, I am going to do some sewing for me,,,,, yeah!!!!!!!!

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