Saturday, January 2, 2010

New things

2010, are you one to set New Years resolutions,, not me,, those went out the door years ago,, being more active, losing weight, sewing more, and whatever else happens to be on the list,,well it just doesn't work for me..

I have been wanting to try some new things though,, one is I have been wanting to make a nice jacket for the longest time,, using materials like stay tape and hair canvas in the collar.. I have been reading Tany's blog a lot lately,,WONDERFUL seamstress, if anything can get me motivated its looking at her creations,, everything she makes looks professional..

Unfortunately my local Joann's doesn't carry either the tape or the canvas, so I will have to order it, oh well, there are a lot of things I have been ordering lately, so I will just add that to the list..

I am hopping to get patterns of a TNT skirt, button front top, and jacket done up, for Holly and myself soon, I have found that for tops for her, princess seam shirts and jackets are about the only option, I HAVE to have seams to manipulate to fit her,, the darts don't always work, unless there is enough of them, or I have to add them.. That way even if she isn't here ( I get home from work before she gets home from School) I can start on them anyway,, there is something so nice about knowing that you can just lay a pattern down on material and cut it out, and know that it is going to fit,, so for me right now, fitting those three style of patterns is at the top of my to do list...

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