Friday, January 29, 2010

Argg, I need to organize my designs,,

I love embroidery,, but my designs are in such a mess, yes it is all my fault,, no one else here to blame,,

Here is how i got here,, we got the internet in 03, I already had the Deco 600,, so I was really excited about getting free designs,, I collected ANY that were available, cause I thought, there are so many free designs on the net i wont ever have a need to buy any..
Well over the years I have learned two things,, not all digitizers are the same,, and I don't need EVERY design that is free,,

So over the years I have cleaned my files out several time, but I have also added to them several more times, and I am not organized enough to put the designs in the place they need to be when i get them,, if fact some times, someone will have a good enough sale, (especially if I have been wanting several sets and get them all at once) that I will get several sets,,

I have over 650 files of sewing and embroidery related items on my computer,, and each file can have oh say between, 5 and 500( ha ha, thats laughable,, but probably accurate) designs or pieces of information, (directions and or instructions) in each one,, now I am NOT the worlds best organizer,, ha ha ha,, that is a laugh,, I used to get so many sets of designs at a time,, some in emails, some direct downloads,,

Here is where my problems come from,, first off my procrastinating ways are to blame for a lot of it,,,for the emails,, I started another folder in my Email Box labeled,, Designs,, If I got several sets, I would simply put them in there,, to be saved in my Net folder later,, if they were downloads, I would go ahead and put them in my Net folder and just save both for later,, part of the problem with saving them in the emails is I don't always remember to download them, or I don't alway remember IF I downloaded them ,which sometimes causes me to download them again,, ( this can be done ONLY if they are emails,) in this case, I have probably downloaded them already have maybe changed the name(long explanation, boring and hard to understand, maybe later,,thank goodness you say, you are right,, whew), and forgot where I put them,,so this leads to multiple copies of said designs,, which leads me to where I am today,, In a mess,

I have been working off and on, on cleaning up my folders since Dec,, my Fonts folder I think is the worst,,(almost 300 files in there alone) eih eih eih,,,

Now for what I have been leading up to,, I sometimes get to where I want to something, nothint in particular,, just something,, so, I desided to try coasters,, I go looking for them, uh which folder are they in, uh how many folders might they be in,, which one do I want to try,, which one need material and which ones don't, which one require materials I don't have,, ,, and so on , and so on,,

I would like to get them organized in a way that I could just go in there,, with an idea of what i want to do,, find it,, and go......

But instead and until then I have this mess,, argg....

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