Monday, February 1, 2010

Sewing out samples.

After ranting about my embroidery designs, I decided to do something about it.

I am sewing out samples,, I am going throught my coasters and doilies folder first,, these are all FSL (free standing lace) and still have the WSS (water soluble stablilizer ) in them.. I will get them rinsed out tomorrow and hopefully more done, and post more pix,, this will let me know what designs I want to keep and what to delete,

The green design is ok so far, it had a few base threads showing around the satin stitching but not bad, the marroon and pink,, uh no,, I really liked the marroon one, it is a really pretty design,, but the closer you get to the center,, the more dense the stitches are,, and it is starting to get to be a mess, the pink one,, my machine just wouldn't sew it without the thread breaking too many times,, and I used two different threads,,,

The purple, red and white, and dark pink look ok so far,, tomorrow will tell though,,

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