Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Have you ever been working on a project that you really didn't want to finish,, or that you didn't want to do what was needed to finish it properly, well this is that project for me,,, I got the shell done,, with much aggravation I might add, I wrote about that here

After getting the shell and the lining, done,, I left it for a while,, I even threw  the lining away,, i was so frustrated,, but after a couple weeks, I settled down,, no I don't know if it took me that long to settle down,, but that was how long it was before I got back to it,, I have read on blogs where different ladies put lining in different ways, on one blog,, I believe it was summer banks  wrote that she put the sleeve hems right sides together sewed them, turned them in and sewed the armhole together,, Well to keep from having to do too much hand sewing I thought was good enough for me,,but that would mean I would have to rip out the arms of the lining,, something I really didn't want to do,, just because I didn't want to do it,, call it lazy, call it procrastintion,, or call it what ever,, well I did it,,

Then I finished up the rest,
Hem of sleeve.          

Some times I notice the sating stitch for the button holes are a little dense,, so I thought I would play aroung with the settings,, the setting on the right half is the default setting for button holes,, the one on the left side is what I went with,, and this is without and stabilizer,,

I always put paper behind my material for button holes,, there may be something out there just as good, but this is what I use for now,,

The result, flat button holes..
I like this jacket, my only problem with is though is, the neck is too big,, I didn't adjust enough for my small neck,, and those are self fabric buttons,, Joann's didn't have hunter green buttons in the size or style I like,, so I had to make them..

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