Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Update, on Burda 7634

Yes I am still working on it,, do you ever do anything where you feel like you bit off more than you could chew, or, had one of those, what was I thinking moments,, well this jacket is getting to be both of those,,, 1st,, the center front,, which was basically the only alteration I have done to this pattern,, BUT that was all I needed to send me over the edge,, until I realized that that alteration affected the armhole as well,, THAT is what done me in,, almost,, I can figure out bust adjustments faily well,, but armhole adjustments,, we are talking going to School to learn that,, eyeyey,, the 1st change to the CF was adding the inch ..that made the armhole a little low,, yes I know all I needed to do was to raise it,, well I have a problem with messing with amrholes,, I make them either too loose or too tight,, that was the issue here,, so i finally decide to raise it about an inch..
Well either my measurements were off or I adjusted too much, cause then it was too, see I told you,, so I just started cutting, 1/2 in at a time,, now what is so much fun about
doing "little bits" at a time,, is you tend to forget to ether write the adjustments down, or you forget how many you made and how much each time,, this was trial and error time, well I finally got everything figured out,, got the jacket shell assembled, started putting the lining on,, and had the biggest duh moment of all,,,, you don't make something out of stretch material only to line it with non-stretch material,,, &&)*&^(&*))*)*
SO, now I am either going to have to get some stetch lining or, just wear the jacket as is,, will let you know,,

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